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Lookout 5.1 Remote Client Not Working with Lookout Client 6.1

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I hope you guys can help me with making a 5.1 Lookout remote client work in 6.1.


On my computer I had installed Lookout Client 5.1 and it ran a remote client (we'll call it "MyRemoteClient.lp4").


We recently upgraded to Lookout Client 6.1 and when we run "MyRemoteClient.lp4" it says that it was created by an older version of Lookout and to recomiple the source file "MyRemoteClient.lks"


What source is it talking about?  The only source I have is for the server process. Can we uncompile the "MyRemoteClient.lp4"and recompile since I donot have "MyRemoteClient.lks"?


Thank you



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The .lks file is the source file, however the .l4p is the complied file which is not version compatible. You need to open the .lks file of the process in 6.x if the process is created by 5.1.


Do you have lookout 5.1 development server? You can open the .l4p file and save it. The .lks file will be generated.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Thank you! It worked!
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