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Lookout 5.0

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Will Lookout 5.0 run on Windows 7 Platform?

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no, 5.x will only run on XP.

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Accepted by Blaken

If the system has Windows 7 Pro it includes XP Mode.  Lookout can be run under XP Mode.  Should work for most processes, but performance may become an issue for larger systems.  Also consider VMWare for virtualizing XP.



Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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I have a old system , it's run lookout 5.0

But PC broken 

I know , lookout 5.0 only run winxp

Do you know how can I transfer old program 

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@mayjimmy Can you clarify your question. I read it in 2 ways:


1. You want to move the Lookout application to another PC running Windows XP.

2. You want to move to a PC running Windows 10.

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You could fix it, recover an image/backup.

Lookout 5 processes typically convert to 6.x, 6.7 without issue.


You could play the extortion fee NI charges for antiquated, unsupported software and use Windows 10 with relative success. Like using a newspaper to plug a hole on a fish tank.

Copy the process files, any external drivers & graphics to new machine.

Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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I want to move OLD LOOKOUT5.0 PROGRAM  to a PC running Windows 10.

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You should truly research alternatives. For the price of the upgrade and the fact NI is charging a ridiculous upgrade fee for unsupported software.


How intricate is the process? Io, special/proprietary drivers, Pid &  control logic within the process,  etc.



Forshock - Consult.Develop.Solve.
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