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Lookout 6.1 b27 hypertrends will stop collecting data then restart collecting hours later.  Also you will see skips randomly in the data once in awhile.  This is a pc running unlimited io.


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You probably do not have "Log to historical database" ticked in Edit Data Member Configuration.
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Log to historical database is selected.  The trend data will look normal for hours and maybe days then there will be a skip in the trend that might last for 2-6 hours.

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What resolution and deviation do you have set? Is it always the same data that skips? How many data points are you trending? How many I/O points? Is your hard drive fast enough? Is you processor fast enough? Are you doing anything else on this PC - like browsing the web or running a processor intensive app such as an NLE?
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The resolution is usually set at the default of .001, deviation is usually set to 1.  There are 2808 inputs and 330 outputs.  Solid state hard drive, I don't know which processor its 150 miles away I will have to get over there next year to look.  Not connected to the internet and Lookout is the only application on the pc.  I think all the points that are set up to trend skip at the same time.

I just figured out today there are some memory registers set up as alias in Lookout that are larger than Lookout can read out of the PLC.  It appears the largest memory register in an older TI system that Lookout can read is v19999.  This example would be an integer memory point in the PLC.  That might be contributing to the issue.  I am going to find some lower memory registers and reprogram the alias to the lower numbers to see if that helps.

Thanks for your help.



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Outside of what Lookout can read is a good thing to avoid. I use 1 for the resolution of a boolean. 0.01 or 0.1 for an analog with deveation set to 0.01 or 0.1. I've never used an SSD. Always a spinning disk - wonder if the underlying management system of an SSD has anything to do with your problems.
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I put the SSD in the PC to see if it would behave differently.  The issue of trends having gaps in the data were occurring before I tried the SSD.  I will try reducing the resolution of and deviation to see if it makes a difference.  I might not be able to get back to the site before early next year.  I have another pc set up on my desk connected to a new CTI 2500-300 PLC using the same application.  I loaded some of the PLC memory registers (all integers) with values that will not change since the PLC is not communicating with any IO.  I did figure out there were some registers programmed in Lookout that exceed the upper limit that Lookout was programmed is able to read.  I changed the memory registers to lower addresses.  I will leave Lookout online with that PLC thru the end of the year and see if I get any skips in the trends.

Thanks for the Help.



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