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Info about running ActiveX or dll on Lookout

Hello, I´m working on a gas company and they are interested in acquiring a third party software to use together with Lookout. This software is used to calculate some values, which are obtained through a modbus in Lookout. The calculated values must be shown in the Lookout client process running.
The third party software designers said that the can compile it as a standalone aplication, a dll or as an ActiveX. I really don´t know much about dll and ActiveX, so my question is:
Is it possible in Lookout to run a third party dll or ActiveX that interacts with Lookout datamembers?
Should this dll or ActiveX be compiled in some particular way in order to be recognized by Lookout?
Is there some kind of tutorial or process example regarding this issues?
Thank you in advance for your time.
Luciano Di Sarno,
Electronic Engineer.
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Lookout is able to load ActiveX, but has some limitation. See this thread and the link in it.

The Object Development toolkit mentioned in that thread may be a solution. You can create a Lookout object which calls the DLL. But this toolkit is not free.

You can also consider use that software as a standalone application. Lookout can interact with other software via different ways, such as spreadsheet file, DDE, OPC, etc.


Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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