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I need to build a multiday timer.

I need to build a multi day timer with setable on/off cycles using Lookout. Has anyone ever done this? I have tried several things, but nothing seems to work right.
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I would suggest starting with a TimeOfWeek and/or TimeOfDay object(s). The timer offset and duration can be programmatically changed using expressions (such as a Pot object). One gotcha is to remember Lookout uses integers to represent days in time expressions. If you want a fraction of a day it's smaller than one. To help out, Lookout will except values separated by colons and do the math for you. Going right to left it starts with seconds, minutes, hours, days (4:00:00 would be four hours). I hope this is not too basic and helps.
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Can you please provide more details of what exactly you're trying to accomplish. That will help us figure out the solution.


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The Timer of the Day, for example, is a timer that will generate one pulse per day.
You need to define when the timer will turn on (offset from midnight) and how long the pulse has to be.
Please, refer to the on-line help (help files) in lookout. They explain the timer objects very well.
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I will be turning on and off a device at a different time each day. There will be some days that the device will only be on and some that it will be off. The other days it will be on for some duration then off.

The on/off settings will be different each week so I need to be albe to set it from the UI.
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You can build this multi-day timer with the Sequencer Object. You can have up to 100 states in this object. You will use one state for each state of the device, i.e., if the Device is On for some duration an a given day and then Off, you will represent this by two states.

The Sequencer can be in each state until either the TimeLimit is expired or a GoTo is triggered for it. See Online help on this Object for details.

Of course, the assumption here is that this multi-day timer behavior though differs from day-to-day, it is fixed for the week. This way, the Sequencer can go back to the first day after cycling through the days.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


Khalid 🙂

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