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I have an application error with lkcitdl.exe which is stopping my field points from logging information. The alarms are listed as loggin buffer is full, even though citadel database is half empty.

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I am running Lookout 4.0 with a citadel database for data logging.  The error starts with an application error saying memory could not be read and references the lkcitdl.exe file.  Once you select debug or ok to stop the application, the system generates multiple alarms for each field point stating logging buffer is full.  My question is there a way to clear the logging buffer or is this some other type of application issue?
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See this KB.
I think the error "memory could not be read " stops the Citadel service and then cause the buffer error.
Your database may be corrupted.
You can create a new database and log the data to this new one. If it works fine, it means the old one has the problem. Then, you need to follow the KB to fix the corrupted database.
Ryan Shi
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I have the Lookout 5.1, I have the same problem, when I start my PC the application is running ok, but the one message about the citadel can`t start and must be closed. I don`t know if your problem has the same caracteristcs.

I found on the internet the drives and updates in this link:


I hope to solve my problem and of you.



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