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How will Lookout make this easier for me?

This is basically what iam supposed to do. I have 4 PCs,one of which is going to be the server.I will have a mySQL database on the server. Also I have a temperature reading coming from a device attached to my com2 port. The Lookout clients have to access the server database and read in the records,display them wherein the Operator can make any changes to the records and store it back on the database.The clients should also read in the temperature readings from com2 port and send it along with the record data to a device attached to com1 port.I can go into the details if u need further information.Can anyone suggest me the best way of handling this using lookout?Thank u.
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Do you have to use the mySQL database? Lookout has a built-in database called Citadel. It's pretty robust and is ODBC compliant. If you can use this, things will be simpler.

However, if you _have_to_ use mySQL database for logging data, you will have to do some extra work. There's a function (Object) in Lookout called SqlExec. You will use this to insert data from Lookout into your mySQL database, via the ODBC interface.

Getting data back and forth between Lookout Servers and Clients on a ntwork is pretty straight forward -- this functionality is built-in.

As for the reading of devices on COM ports, it depends on whether or not the comunication protocol for these is supported. If they are simple Serial devices, you can use the ASCII obj
ect in Lookout and build your own commands and parse the results.

Hope this helps a little.


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Thanks for the help Khalid.Are there any sample projects in lookout that show how to retrieve records from a sql database and then write records to a sql database?
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