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How to read historical alarms end events from client computer

How Can I read historical data stored on server computer using Lookout client computer? After installing Lookout client I have not possibility to use NI MAX viewer. What is preferred way for display historical data on client computer? Does client server architecture of Lookout allow to do this?

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You can use Hypertrend object to view the real-time and historical data. Create the client process with Hypertrend, the URL of trace should be absolute path.
Here is an article named Evaluation Guide. It describes briefly how to create a simple server-client process, including the remote hypertrend viewing.
Or you can use Datatable or SQLExec object to execute the SQL statement to get the data from remote server via ODBC.
Let me know if you cannot make it.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Yes, it is clear how to display measured values using Hyper Trend or DataTable with SQL statement. But what about historical Alarms and Events, how to display them on client computer in adequate form (like in MAX viewer) ?
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Lookout client software does not install the NIMAX.exe. I know this may be inconvenient to you that the client cannot view the historical alarm. We will consider to add something to do it.
One possible way now I think is to use SQL to query the alarm, but this is not easy to do. I will look into the structure of the SQL Server database and see if I can figure out the SQL statement.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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If the sql server is setup to allow network/remote connections it will work.  The data source must connect to the remote sql server.

Easier said than done, but simple enough 🙂

Good luck,
Mike Crabtree - Lead Developer
Destek of Nevada, Inc. / Digital Telemetry Systems, Inc.
(866) 964-6948 / (760) 247-9512
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