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How to monitor the result of the IPASCII response using Lookout objects

I have created an IPASCII object that receives events from a TCP server. I want to know what objects should I use to monitor the changes that the IPASCII object receives. Once the object monitors the changes from IPASCII, I need to send a page or email. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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You can check the RSVn for the response received.  And do a comparison to what you are expecting, e.g., If RSV1.txt = "START", and use this as a trigger for the Send datamember of the Mailer object.
Also, make sure you check-off the 'Accept Unsolicited Messages' setting if you want to receive just that.
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Hey Khalid!

Was just looking to process unsolicited data with IPASCII in Lookout 6.1 and found your thread, but I don't see that option and was wondering if it really exists?  The standard ASCII has it of course, but can the IPASCII object be set up similarly to process unsolicited data?  Anyone?



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Hi Ed,

Good to see you're still working with Lookout.  Unfortunately, I am no longer working on Lookout projects. 

Anyway, without that option, I am not sure how we could monitor unsolicited data using the IPASCII object. 

Sorry   😞



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