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How to dynamically change text color in Lookout?

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I would like the color of text to change depending on a different value.  How can I do this in Lookout?


I've tried finding connections to text inserts and expressions but haven't been successful.





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Accepted by topic author davey31415

Edit the text display property, set Background Style as "Transparent".


Create a Gauge object. It is able to change color on different conditions. Put the Gauge above the text display.


Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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I have tried this before but it didn't work. Can you explain better?

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This way actually doesn't change the text color, but change the background color of the text. You know the Gauge is able to change color. If a TextEntry object is transparent, you will just see the text. Put the Gauge and TextEntry together, and move the TextEntry to front.


Take a look at this example.



Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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If you want the text color to change you can 'stack' expressions with different colored text or have a static base text and an overlying expression with colored text.  The attached example might make what I’m trying to describe a little clearer.

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