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How to code PLC/Lookout to wait for acknowledgements?

Can anyone provide suggestions on how to code PLCs and Lookout to wait for acknowledgements from each other or a reference to a discussion about this topic? 





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Please be more detailed. 


Lookout polls PLC, PLC responds.  Is that acknowledgment?



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Lookout polls PLC, PLC responds, Lookout performs a specific action after PLC responds


and also the reverse... 


PLC polls Lookout, Lookout responds, PLC waits until Lookout finishes responding.



There are a few different things I'd like to do:



1. Have Lookout PLC timers and counters with values from a DataTable.  The PLC should wait until the DataTable is completely updated.


2. Have Lookout save to a data file.  The PLC should wait until Lookout has completed saving the data.



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