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How to bulk change trace paths in NI HyperTrend (activeX)

We have some users using the NI Hypertrend ActiveX component in a Lookout client so they can define their own graphs. We recently changed our servers and now their trend traces do not point to the correct location. They have 50-100 traces each they are working with. It is very inconvenient for them to manually change each trace. I found the ".l4t" file in the Lookout program folder where this information is saved, but it does not like changing the server names in the paths, odd because changing the trace item itself seems to work (i.e. \\server\process\item0 to \\server\process\item1). Any ideas?

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Boy, I was really hoping somebody would have something for this. Bueller?

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Text edit the source (.lks) file and recomplile?

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Those are not included in the LKS file unfortunately. I've looked for it there. There is a separate .l4t file saved at C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Lookout 6.7 that seems to hold this definition. However, it is in a very particular format with lots of special ASCII values such as "NUL","SUB", etc.. it seems partially encrypted. I can find the server names in the files, but if I change either of the instances in the path, the object errors on load and resets to no information at all. Attached is a direct copy (just a snippet) of the text from the l4t file.

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Sorry, I didn't see you were using the activeX trend.  The state file (.l4t) is a binary file, editing with an ascii text editor like notepad would most likely corrupt the file.  Have you tried using a binary editor on the state file?

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Thanks for the recommendation, however, it was only marginally successful.

I downloaded 2 different editors HexEdit and Frhed. I was able to get it to accept changes as long as the length of the server name did not change. Unfortunately, our new server name has one additional character in it. When I add the extra character I have not been able to successfully open with the changes accepted.


Would love to hear input on this from an N.I. developer too.

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