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How do I permanently set the alarm view on the client to show alarms only

Our client process is displaying events and alarms.  When I set the display options to alarms only, the current events are cleared and only alarms are displayed.  Any new events that occur continue to be displayed from that point on.  I would like to setup the client to only display alarms.
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The development runtime lookout application works as expected when running the client process.  It appears that this is a bug in the client/runtime version of Lookout 6.1.  NI will probably need to look at this.
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Yes, it is a known bug in Lookout client process. The workaround now is to use the AcitveX AlarmEvent Browser if you really want to filter the event in client process.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Has this been corrected any any subsequent releases or bug fixes?

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sorry, it has not been corrected.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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It seems that this would have such a simple thing to fix if only they made the default setting to be Alarms only.  Alarms and Events could remain as an option.  I have been asking NI to do this ever since Web clients became available.  The generated alarm bells ringing, because my web client clicked on a button is driving them crazy!

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