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How do I move Lookout 5 w/ Fieldpoint 3 to a new PC

I want to move my install of Lookout 5 from an old, slow computer to a newer, faster one. Both machines run Windows 2000 SP4. I have a clean install of Lookout 5 and Fieldpoint 3 on the new machine, and the old machine still works and is running on the same network subnet. In addition to lookout.sec (in the Windows system folder), what else do I need to move to bring up my system on the new machine? Are there registry keys that need export/import? Which folders (by default, at least) need to be copied?
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Besides .l4p .l4t .lks .lka files, you need to copy the database folder to the new machine. And then create a new database on the new machine with the data.
Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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