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How I can delete OPC on client PC?

Hello. In this summer we got a job: SCADA with app 1000 measurements. We were new in Lookout and we started to make SCADA as one PC who connect to plc's (Hitachi) over opc. Now we have problem. We must make : server - client application and only server is connected to PLCs (OPC). But in software we still have sutuation : Client still have OPC with data members. It make client application so slow. We would like to delete OPC data members on client but it is not possible.

Can someone help us to make it.





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Do you run the client process in the lookout development/runtime server software? Actually if you run it in lookout client on different computer, it's not allowed to add the driver object or opclient object in the client process.


To remove an opclient object, you need first to remove all the related displays on panels and also delete the connections. An object can be deleted only if it's datamember is not being used by anyone else.

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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Thanks for answer.

Is it possible to clear fastly this connection on client application. Maybe to import empty data sheet to OPC Client Data Member Configuration? I think that I do not need any connection now in Client PC.



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1. Open "Edit connections" of OPClient object, remove all the connections.

2. Turn off the datamember "Activate", which will stop the polling.


Although the object is not removed, I think it will stop working in most cases.



Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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