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Firewall ports to open?

I am testing a Lookout 4.0.1 server behind a firewall.
Which ports do I need to open up to allow web access to other Lookout
Any other tips would also be appreciated.


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Lookout first establishes communication through port 2343 (NI's registered
port). From this initial communication, Lookout's networking can choose
any non-well known port for its connections. This means that any UDP port
above 1023 is fair game.

This isn't such a huge security risk as it may seem. In most cases, no one
outside your firewall can do anything devious through these UDP ports since
you probably don't have any applications listening on the UDP ports.

If, however, you do have concerns about security, it may be possible, depending
on how smart your firewall is. The firewall could monitor port 2343 and
determine which of the UDP ports Lookout is using, and enable just those


"Dave LaPoint" wrote:
>I am testing a Lookout 4
.0.1 server behind a firewall.>Which ports do I
need to open up to allow web access to other Lookout>clients.>Any other tips
would also be appreciated.>>Thanks>>Dave>>
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