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Delete I/O point

How do I delete an unused (no longer needed) I/O point in order to get my total I/O point count down below the 100 I/O limit? I can't add any more I/O's until I delete some old ones. Deleting the object that created the I/O point doesn't remove the point. So the count is not reduced. I did not find any help on this in the Help section of the software, nor in online resources. A search for a Lookout manual on the NI manual search page resulted in 0 results.
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IO points ussually are hardware inputs and outputs connected with a 'driver  object' to Lookout. An IO point is interpreted as 'something' that is out of Lookout . This includes whole tables when exported, each cell is an IO point.


So first thing you should do is to look for your 'driver objects' in your Lookout application and see how many variables or IO points are used in Lookout.


Second thing you should do is to look for a data table that has connections with export or import data members.


Go to edit mode, open Object/object explorer, look for the variable you want, rght click and select properties to delete its connections (make zero if it is a number, "" if a text, etc). Also look for the variable you want to delete under Objects/connection browser to find what other objects are connected to the one you want to delete. That will give you more headaches sometimes..... but is the only way.


Good luck.


Rodolfo Lopez



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