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Clients losing connection to server

This issues has been happening about once a week, my clients are losing connection to my server randomly at any time. When i view the client connection monitor, my list is blank. Sometimes when i open my server file i get an error "process registration failed". Only way for me to get the clients back is to restart the computer. I have already tried to repair lookout program by reinstalling and tried changing the National Instruments PSP Server Located to automatic in services. http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/622F4C13A00A4C6786256DC600571783.



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You mentioned sometimes you can get the error "process registration failed", at this time, can you see lkads.exe running? Did you verify if National Instruments PSP Server Locator be set to Automatic? The the method in the link you posted can solve the problem of "process registration failed"? 

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I did not verify the Ikads.exe running but i did verify the National Instruments PSP Server Locator is set to automatic and I tried all the fixes mentioned in the posted link.

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I have verified Ikads.exe is running

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I just want to verify that when the problem occurs,  if Ikads.exe is running and if NI PSP server Locator is set to automatially, generally speaking, if Ikads.exe is running and NI PSP server Locator is set to automatially, there is low possibility for "process registration failed". And if this is the case, I wonder if there is some problems with your network or if there is background process modifying your service setting and close corresponding service.

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I still having the same issue, i noticed now that when i monitor my client connection monitor and when i get 65 clients. It would drop some of the clients out and tries to reconnect.

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Hi, Can you tell me when the problem happens, what is the state of the lkads.exe and the service National Instruments PSP Server Locator?

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The problem happens kind of randomly

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From your attached picture, National Instruments PSP Server Locator was started and its startup type has been set to automatic,  was your snapshot caught when this problem occurs? What about your lkads.exe? what's the status of lkads.exe when or after disconnection occurs? 

Can you ping the target or connect with an FTP session after the disconnect occurs? Also,  I wonder if CPU load could be the cause for this problem? can you check that?

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i took this screenshot right after the connections drop. To get the connections back i would have to restart lookout and wait for a few cycles of clients connecting and then dropping back out again.It would take about 5 minutes for connections to stabilize and hold connection in my client monitor.

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