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Clients losing connection to server

Please follow below steps to add a configuration file to client machine and see if it helps.

The file logos.ini location:
XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\National Instruments\Logos
Win7 or Vista - C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Logos

If you don't find logos.ini, just create a new file.

Add below information to the logos.ini




where xxx is an integer value. Default value is 5, you can set to bigger number, such as 10.

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Sorry to bring this back up from the dead. I am now having the same issue but worse now. Everyday the server drops the client connection at random times. There is no errors or anything that pops up. only way to establish connections is to close the lookout software and restart. IT ran wireshark and the program showed that the IP connections of the clients are still connected. I am running a total of 6258 total I/O points. 

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Seems we have finally figured out how to remedy the situation. The problem was with the firewall even when it was turned off. Had to allow these programs through the exceptions list and that seemed to stop the connection issues.

  • Lkads.exe
  • Nicitdl5.exe
  • Lktsrv.exe
  • Nidmsrv.exe
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