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Client Connectivity Problems - Still

We are still plagued by sporadic client connectivity problems.  We have attempted upgrading clients to 6.6, we have one server at 6.5 and one at 6.6.  Both seem to have the same connectivity issues.  Windows Firewall is turned Off on clients and servers.

Connectivity issues include the following scenarios.  Not all clients experience the same problems at the same time.  For example, currently I have one system with scenario #3 below, and our integrator system is #1, while some others are reporting #4.

1) No problems, both hypertrend and expression values read fine.

2) Hypertrends cannot connect to database, no hypertrend values available.  Expression values read just fine.

3) Hypertrends run fine.  Expression values are "Red X'd".

4) Hypertrends cannot connect to database.  Expression values are "Red X'd".

We have two servers for redundancy.  Often times if clients cannot connect to server #1, they can connect to server #2 and at least get scenario #3 above.  The clients are configured for an automatic rollover in the event of an outage on server #1 (primary server).  It has a constant "TRUE" expression that the clients watch and when the quality goes bad on that, the clients "flip" over to server #2 (backup server).  I also have a switch on the clients that allows a client to "Force" processing to server #2 (backup server) in case scenario #2 is occurring and they need trending data.  Also, the switch can be used for testing server #2.

This is happening widely across our network.


Mix of XP and Windows 7 computers.  XP firewalls are off.  Windows 7 firewalls are off.  Have added exceptions to allow UDP 2343 on Wnidows 7 and UDP 5000 and 6000 on clients and servers.


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Are your Lookout servers running XP or Windows 7. If Windows 7, you may want to go back to an XP server just so see if the problem goes away.


I still have not been able to run my Lookout servers under a Windows 7 OS for the reason discussed in the following link:



Jason Phillips
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Is it the Lookout Client software or web client?

Ryan Shi
National Instruments
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