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COM2 serial data from a lookout client.

I would like to access serial data from a lookout client connection (a static IP address has been asigned). Is it possible? IPASCII?
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Do you wish to access Serial data on the Lookout Client? Or from the Client in a Server?

As you're aware, the Client does not have any Driver CBXs. So, it cannot connect directly to any IO. This has to happen only via the Server.

Please let us know more details.



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I have a client/server application running. The only information needed from the client workstation (set up like a point of sale device using a PC) is the number of peices present on the clients scale. My hope was to redirect the the serial data to the clients IP address and then use the IPASCII function on the server. I can't find a way to resolve this issue using software. Possibly NI has a cost effective hardware solution.
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One thing that you should keep in mind whenever developing a Lookout application is that a client process is not supposed to access data directly from your hardware. For that we use what we call a server/client architecture.
The server process is the one responsible for the interface with the hardware and a client process can access the data from the hardware, however only through the server process.
So, in your case you should have a server process communicating with the hardware and a client process accessing the server process. I could not really understand what you meant with a "static IP address has been asigned", but regardless the protocol or phisical connection with the hardware you have, the server process is always going to be responsible for th
e connection with the hardware.

Let me know if you need any additional assistence.

Best Regards

Andre Oliveira
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I fully understand the client/server relationship. It seems reasonable that lookout would accept data from the client com port like it will from the keyboard. I have discovered that NI has a enet 232/2 box but at $745 it is not a cost effective solution. Please consider allowing local com port activity in future releases of lookout client.
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Can you write this info' from the "scale" to a file? If this is possible, you can use the DataTable Object in LookoutClient to import this into Lookout.
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