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Basic configuration of NI OPC server and Lookout 6.7.1

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Just trying to get an evaluation version of Lookout 6.7.1 working with an evaluation version of NI OPC Servers 2016. I'm expecting to use the OPCNIServer object in Lookout but either that and/or the OPC Server is not setup correctly. Both probably. I need to connect to an AB CompactLogix 5370 (which I do not have here). I know how to create a driver object in Lookout and then to do the data member configuration for an SLC503 but this OPC server has me lost. Can someone please walk me through the setup for a CompactLogix 5370?
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I cannot get the NI 2016 OPC server to work with Lookout 6.7.1, it doesn't seem to matter what Allen Bradley ethernet driver I choose in the OPC server but in Lookout I get 2 error messages, the first: OPC/OLE error (1): OPC server not registered properly (63): Invalid class string (800401F3) This is followed by The OPC server is unavailable (71) (800706BA) I guess the first one is the one to fix. Anyone have any ideas?
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I did eventually figure it all out. It's a lot easier than it seems to begin with. No hardware yet so no way to tell if it works in real life.
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