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USB-6009 support in ni-daqmx 18.1?

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I'm pretty new to linux, and to NI. I have a USB-6009 and I would like to use it with linux. The readme for the NI-DAQmx 18.1 linux driver doesn't seem to list any USB devices, so I was wondering if it was even possible to use the USB-6009 in linux. 


Is my only option to use the very outdated DAQmxBase 15? That would require that I downgrade my OS and mess around with 4-year-old libraries.

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At the moment, there is no ability to use any USB DAQ hardware with the newer DAQmx drivers on Linux.


DAQmx Base 15 is the currently the best/only option for using that hardware in Linux.


Check out the DAQmx Base compatibility matrix though. It should support the current versions of CentOS and RHEL.

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Thanks. I'll have to look at switching from SUSE. I wasn't aware of that matrix.

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