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Timeline for DAQmx on Ubuntu 20.04

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We're considering buying some NI cDAQ hardware for our Ubuntu-based test systems (with the Python API). However, our corporate overloads InfoSec team aggressively deprecate older versions of all OSes. I see that right now NI only supports Ubuntu 18. Is there any roadmap / timeline for Ubuntu 20 (and beyond) support so that we can make sure that we dont end up with a brick in < 2 years (when said security team deprecates Ubuntu 18)?


I've been searching like made, but couldn't find anything.

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(Windows is not an option at all)

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I've got the same problem with openSUSE 15.2.   When is it going to be available?  15.1 has been deprecated for a while now.

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Ubuntu 20.04 and openSUSE Leap 15.2 are both on NI's short-term roadmap.  I can't make any comments on exact dates but I would expect a DAQmx release within the next 6 months to have support for both of these operating systems.

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