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Sample include and library files


I have Labview 2017, LabWindows/CVI, FPGA, Real Time, and Vision Acquisition software. I'm converting a (working, source exists) DLL to Linux for a project. If I'm not successful, the LabView application must be very extensively rewritten and there is a very significant amount of documentation to be revised. It would be essentially castrated, in fact.

How does one include specified libraries in the definition for Eclipse. In particular, how does one include <analysis.h> and <cvitre.h>? I am aware of and among others.

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Re: Sample include and library files


In case anyone has similar questions:


In your Eclipse project, make sure that the project type is specified as a Shared Object/Library and not an application/binary. By simply changing the project type in Eclipse, it will automatically use the correct flags when calling gcc

Here are some resources for including specified libraries in the definition for Eclipse. 

Getting Started with C/C++ Development Tools for NI Linux Real-Time, Eclipse Edition

Integrating C Code with LabVIEW on NI Linux Real-Time Targets

How Do I Debug Shared Libraries on Linux Real-Time Targets Using Eclipse/GDB?



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