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PXIe support in Linux drivers 2020

I'm trying to use an NI PXIe-8370 controller and NI PXIe-1073 chassis in a system running Centos 7. When I run nipxiconfig --list-identifiable-chassis, it only lists PXI chassis models even though it installed the INI files for the PXIe chassis models as well. In addition, there's no command for listing identifiable controllers (even though that option existed in older releases of the Linux device drivers). It appears that several commands have been removed from nipxiconfig in the 2020 drivers.


The readme (linked from explicitly states that PXI Express chassis and controllers are supported. It also suggests installing ni-pxiplatformservices-devel, but that package doesn't exist in the repo.


Are PXIe devices actually supported in Linux?

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Hey bjonesvti,

PXIe-Chassis are certainly supported. With more recent chassis, they should be automatically configured. What does nipxiconfig -lv output? It should list your current chassis and controller. What output does lsni -v give you?

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