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NI visa 'NIVisaLibrary' object has no attribute 'viParseRsrcEx'

Good Morning,

I am trying to connect to a device (RIGOL DP832) via USB on linux.

I have installed py visa 1.8, pyUSB, pyserial..

When I've run the following commands:

import visa

rm = visa.ResourceManager()


>>> this returns an empty list...

so I run:

rm.open_resource('USB0::0x1AB1::0x0E11:Smiley Very HappyP8C200100045::INSTR')

and I got the error mentioned in the title.

1- Can I prompt this address in linux?

I can connect and talk to the device in Windows, but not on linux. (I am using a VM)


Has someone an idea to fix this issue?

Thank you really much for your help,



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