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NI-KAL 1.9 on Fedora 10

Does NI-KAL 1.9 work on Fedora 10?

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I personally have not tried, but I see no reason why it wouldn't.  Give it a try and post your results.  You can even create a tutorial if you want like "How to install NI-488.2 on Fedora 10" (or whatever NI driver you want to install).  I suspect on Fedora 10 your tutorial would be something simple like "install NI-KAL 1.9 then install NI-488.2 2.5.1b1", but I'm sure it would help other users who are not using officially supported distributions.

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Thanks, but after some browsing, I have found the answer under "64 bit":

which is:

"OK, I have the latest ni-488.2 / nikal working fine on Fedora 10 x86_64, so I can use the interactive control to send commands to gpib equipment."


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