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May I use linux for niFgen/niScope development on PXIe chassis?


Recently I installed Scientific Linux 6.7 on following configuration:

- Chassis: PXIe 1078 (PXIe 1082 when 1078 is in service)

- Controller: PXIe-8135
- NI SCOPE: PXIe-5105
- NI FGEN: PXI-5412
- MX: PXIe-2540
I also installed the newest drivers (including nikal) and niscpe/nifgen libs.
Modules load, lspci returns info for: 5412, 2540, GPIB and "Signal Processing Controller"
However nilsdev returns nothing....
I tried to make some drivers using VISA driverwizard, but without success.
Is it possible to control scope/fgen devices from Linux on this computer, if so where should I look for a help?
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This should probably go in the group.

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The latest versions of NI-FGEN and NI-SCOPE for Linux are NI-FGEN 2.4.1 and NI-SCOPE 3.1. The README for NI-FGEN indicates that the PXI-5412 is supported. Unfortunately, the PXIe-5105 is not supported by NI-SCOPE 3.1, so I'm afraid it's not possible to use this specific combination of hardware on Linux.

Note that both NI-FGEN 2.4.1 and NI-SCOPE 3.1 only support 32-bit kernels.

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I also has a combination of PXIe-1085 Chassis, three PXIe-5122 digitizers, two PXI-5412 AWG, and PXIe-PCIe8381 MXI.

I work in a large experimental facility, KSTAR tokamak, where all the control systems are composed of Linux machines.

Could I control these digitizers and awgs on Linux?

If not, NI has a plan to support 64 bit driver for NI-FGEN and NI-SCOPE to control PXI Express hardware?

The LATEST version of NI-FGEN and NI-SCOPE were developed so long long time ago.

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