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Linux Kernel Sources for NIVISA

I attempted to run the NI VISA installer on my Linux system. It complained that it is necessary to have the kernel sources on the platform to install. I happen to have the kernel sources for my kernel build, however the sources are on the platform I used to make the kernel image. What all do I need to move over to my Linux system, and where do I need to put it, or what do I need to do for the installer to find it?

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Re: Linux Kernel Sources for NIVISA

You need the same kernel tree (literally: the same - including config, ...) and the same toolchain, same compiler flags. Otherwise you'll risk subtile problems that are virtually impossible to track down. Kernel modules are supposed to be built (and run) with exactly the same kernel image. They're not like shared libraries - they're pieces of the kernel, there is no fixed ABI (consider the whole kernel as like one statically linked binary, where some pieces happen to remain in separate files).


Anyways, as NI only provides binary drivers (the locally compiled code are just some wrappers), expect subtle crashes, data losses (eg. destroyed filesystems), perhaps even hardware damage.


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