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Linux Kernel Controller and 1 PPs or 10 MHz



I want my Linux Kernel/Controller to be precision time synched to a 10 MHz signal or a 1 PPS. I know with the NI-Sync API and the 6674T timing card, I can send a 10MHz or 1 PPS signal to the controller via a trigger.


Is there any way via ntpd or chrony for it to take that signal and sync to it? Im trying to get high fidelity accuracy on my Linux Controller and just using ntp could have delays/jitter/drift.


Thank you


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it appears I just need to edit the /etc/chrony.conf file to include the PPS input. Everything seems straightforward, but I don't know how to identify the PPS input to the OS. I know its the Star8 line (im using the 1095 chassis), but I'm not sure what that corresponds to in /dev/.

any insight would be appreciated.

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