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Linux Drivers do not work with SMAP

When installing the latest Linux drivers, I received a message saying that I had to disable SMAP.  Note that this was while installing the NI-DAQmx drivers, and I rebooted the system disabling SMAP, so I cannot speak to the other drivers.  However, I am not comfortable with having SMAP disabled.


Will NI be updating the drivers to support SMAP?



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NI tends not to publish specific product plans or timelines, but I can say that they do recognize the importance of fully supporting systems with SMAP enabled.

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GabeJ is correct, we do recognize the importance. We're currently working on validating our drivers with SMAP enabled, and are tentatively shooting for the 20.0 driver release to be able to remove that message to disable SMAP. This timeline could change, but that's our best guess right now. 


Rita Prather
Software Product Manager
National Instruments
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