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How can I install NI-DAQmx on ubuntu 14.04

Hi All,

Can anyone kindly advise how NI-DAQmx can be installed on Linux ubuntu 14.04? I need to read through a PCI6220 card.



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Re: How can I install NI-DAQmx on ubuntu 14.04

Primary rpm based distributions are supported by installer.

But you can instal it on deb distribution. A think you can't install it under 14.04, you need older version with kernel around 3.3.x, check by supported OpenSuse version by NI-DAQmxBase or should use very old version with kernel 2.6.33 (somthing like this) or actual interprise distributions RHEL5,6 and it clones and use it with NI-DAQmx or NI-DAQmxBase. Of course, you can compile kernel 2.6.xx, it still supported (see it on, but you need to recompile and reinstall a lot of components in your distribution, because older kernel is not supported today.

Probably for you is better to use NI-DAQmxBase, if you don't need digital output/input or couter input timing greater than 100kHz.

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