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Respiration Rate Data

Respiration Rate Data

I am using a DAQ with LabVIEW 8.2 in order to acquire the voltage change over time. The sensor we are using changes voltage with strain in the chest, which results in a wave representing breating data. Attached is a measurements output file of about 15 seconds or so of acquired data. I was wondering if anyone could take a look at this data and tell me if it's useful or not. It looks pretty ugly, but you can still see where the person takes a breath. There must be some way for a computer to see this too.
Attached is the respiration monitor vi, as well as the vi we used to output the data. As well as an example measurements output file.
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Re: Respiration Rate Data

Hi Synbios,

It's interesting problem.I tried to see if you patient is breathing Smiley Happy,

and it seems like he takes 28 breathes per minute. (After it I have seen that I am breathing 21 times bpm,so may

be the patient was a little excited).Anyway,attached here very simple VI.To solve the whole problem,probably something

more complicated should be used.



LV 8.2 at Windows & Linux

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Re: Respiration Rate Data


Try a low pass filter. I modified mishklyar's Vi to include a low pass filter. This eliminates most of the high frequency noise and some of the motion artifact. Try different cutoff frequencies and orders. Remember that the signal processing VIs work in units of seconds, not minutes, so scale the frequencies and sampling rates accordingly.

I used the Diagram disable structure to keep the read file VI from running after I saved the data to the Data control. Just enable it and reconnect the output if you want to use a different file.

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Re: Respiration Rate Data

Thanks to both of you for your help. I am looking at your VI's at the moment. I'll let you know my results.
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