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Plz help regarding EEG

Hello all,

         has anyone processed acquired EEG signals for neurological disorder or anything. Kindly send me the ".vi" file. So that i can learn what is actually done and try to implement my project.

My id is


Thank you all in advance. Plz help me

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Hi all!!

      Am an electronics engineer. I am very much worried that i could not finish my U.G project. Kindly help me.

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What are you using as an interfact between the electrodes and the test PC?  Is it a DAQ device?  Do you interface to some instrument? 

Do you already have a signal to work with and purely looking for a detection algorithm?


Can you be more precise in what help you are looking for?



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Continued here


Please keep all discussions to a single thread...

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        Yes. i need only algorith for processing.

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