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How to measure heart rate

Dear Friends,


In my vi i am unable to find out the heart rate and HRV. I have used adaptive filters to filter out the noise. I want to measure the heart rate, for ex: for a minute and display that here, if there are any peaks missing then it should display the previous value or skip to the next peak, so that i can get a mean heart rate at the end, can some correct me to achive this result. I am using labview 8.6 version.


thanks for your time.

Message Edited by infra444 on 01-20-2009 09:00 AM
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I think i am going wrong with the calculation of heart rate here, I am getting a good filtred signal but someone the heart rate calculation  is wrong as I am getting negative values.

 I would be great if some one could correct me.

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Is this the same topic as previously discussed here?


If so, please continue discussion in the original thread.  It is important in order to contain all the previous posts with the same topic.

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.... and also discussed here??


Please discuss one topic within one thread.  There is no need to start multiple threads on the same topic.  It gets confusing.

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