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Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor

Well if you are going to use the auscultatory method my signal is not very useful. But the auscultatory method is the best (and only) way for students to measure blood pressure. Invasive measurements requires a medical doctor to insert the needle in the arm, and set up the system. Most people find the needle procedure painful. Invasive blood pressure is mostly used in intensive care units. And very seldom in technical schools ;).

Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
(Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)
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So according to you are saying, the user will be hearing the blood vessel then will input the moment to measure the max pressure, then input again the moment to measure the minimun pressure. Is that it ?


At each of those two inputs your program will read the pressure transducer signal. Is that it ?


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@t06afre -


I don't really understand why the guy didn't just but a digital one and take the signals from that.  But yeah it was a in the specification that the method had to be non-invasive.


@ROtake -


That's exactly right. Don't know how to achieve this though.


Peter D

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In this case you can  read the analog input using a buffered contiuous acquisition and at the same time (in the loop) keep reading a keyboard input (or any other input) as you detect the input, then you will get the data form analog input and place in a digital indicator.


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Thanks ROtake, think that's the solution for blood pressure sorted, just need to find the time to actually do it!


As for blood pressure I have a TTL square signal being input (the one I similuted with a square wave).  Can I use a counter to calculate the amount of times it switches level over a predefined time period?  What tools/structure would I be using for that?


Thanks again,




Peter D

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Hey guys, this is the problem I'm having at the moment (apologies for the big pic)..


Heart rate error message



My simulation of the square wave is working correctly, but when I try to analyse the frequency I'm getting this message.  Where am I going wrong?


Peter Smiley Sad


Peter D

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Just a quick update on how I'm getting on with simulating a sine wave for the blood pressure (again sorry for big pic Smiley Happy)


Blood pressure signal gen


This is the signal I'll have to select two amplitudes from (when the user clicks a button) although the 'Tone Measurement' tool doesn't seem to be working correctly.. I've kinda hit a brick wall here.


Any and all help appreciated!!




Peter D

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Are you still stuck?


How was the progress?

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Hi Ray Smiley Happy


I believe this is more of a LabVIEW issue rather than Life Science, so I moved the thread to

this location; 


Apologies for the poor forum etiquette although I couldn't find an option to delete this thread or

to move it. As for the project I'm currently learning about queues and ways of modularising the

tasks.  Also trying to get to grips with using counting functions of my DAQ card.   


I have a meeting with a technician in my university this week who deals with all the LabVIEW 

here; hopefully be able to make some good progress then.



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Peter D

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