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EEG signal Aquisition

Dear friends,

     I need to process EEG signals for neurological disorder. The signals that were got from hospital is in ".e" format. It could be viewed only by using the software "EEG Viewe". How to get the signal into LabVIEW.


Plz Help me..

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Hello All,

      It would be useful for me if i get EEG data that is compatible to LabVIEW. It woluld be of great use to process it to detect neurological disorder.


Thank you in advance.

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HI - do you have any information about the file format?  If you can find some specification for the ".e" file then it is possible to write a LV program to extract the data from the file.  Did the ".e" file come from a commercial EEG system, or was it collected using a custom made system?


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      The .e format is got from Hospital acquiring EEG signal for test

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You will need the file format specifications from the hospital if it's a binary format. If it's just simple string format, you could try to read the file with the file functions in labview.

Can you post a sample of the file so we can try to read it ?

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Continued here


Please keep all discussions to a single thread...

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