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why can't I copy-drag files between projects

Why can't I copy files with CTRL-left mouse click and drag between projects within the same workspace?

Say I'm creating a new project in an existing workspace and I want to quickly include some of the same files as are in another project in the workspace, why can't I simply click and drag them as a copy (CTRL key held)?  I can move them by dragging - but if I can do that I should be able to copy them as well and I can't.

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Hey menchar,

You are correct that the CTRL + click-and-drag functionality that you're used to seeing in say, Windows Explorer, has not been built in to the CVI environment.  One option that you have for adding files to other projects within the same workspace is to use the Right Click » "Add Existing File..." method. 

This sounds like a great product suggestion, menchar - if you've got the time, would you mind submitting the feedback at our Product Suggestion Center?  Sounds like a perfect opportunity and a great suggestion, to me - thanks in advance for the feedback!
Derrick S.
Product Manager
National Instruments
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