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usb ni-6008 with LabWindows/CVI version 5.0



I would like to use USB NI-6008 with LabWindows CVI version 5.0. The hardware comes with DAQmx version 9.3.5, which does not support CVI v.5.0.

Any ideas how to use this CVI version with USB NI-6008?


Many thanks..

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Hi there,


Like you said, DAQmx is only officially compatible with LabWindows/CVI 7.0 or later. This link has more information on this compatibility:

In addition, USB-6008 is only officially compatible with DAQmx (previously, the plaform was Traditional DAQ). You would need Traditional DAQ to work with CVI 5.0, but the USB-6008 doesn't officially work with that.


Someone here might have an alternative solution, but though it seems you need to use CVI 5.0, is it possible to upgrade this?

Ravi A.
National Instruments | Applications Engineer
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Thanks Ravi.

I upgraded CVI and all is good again..





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