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typedef unsigned long long UINT64;



If got a third party source code that I have to implement in CVI in a GUI.

Now I have the problem with the type definition  " typedef unsigned long long UINT64; " the error  "fm_demod.h"(116,14)   Invalid use of 'long'.


How can I handle this.



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Support for the long long data type was added in CVI 8.5, so presumably you're using an older version. The (equivalent) __int64 datatype has been around much longer, so you can try replacing unsigned long long with unsigned __int64.


Mert A.

National Instruments

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As long as you are using CVI 7.0 or latter you can change the type from 'unsigned long long' to 'unsigned __int64' to get it to compile. Additionally CVI 8.5 allows the 'unsigned long long' type as a valid type. If you are using an earlier version of CVI than 7.0, you must upgrade to get 64-bit integer support.




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Thank you for your help



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i have met the same problem.the souce code i got from third party,so i cant modify it becuase many file are relative to this file.


 the third party file define: 

typedef unsigned long   uint32_t;  


and the <stdint.h> define:

typedef unsigned int        uint32_t;


so the error is  " Redeclaration of 'uint32_t'." when i compile the source file,


So how should i do if i cant modify the souce code from third party.

the version of CVI  is 2010

Thanks ,

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A unsigned long and an unsigned int are the same thing in CVI. You could modify the header for the 3rd party DLL to use unsigned int.

National Instruments
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