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"Find in Files" Directory Specification

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In LCVI 2009, when doing a “Find in Files”, is there a way to have a project-specific directory setting?


Here’s an example of what I’m writing about:


In Project1.prj, I can specify a directory in the “Find in Files” menu.  Likewise in Project2.prj.  But when I change the directory in one of these projects, the change appears when I close it and open the other project.


Is there a way to make the directory specific to the project?


And the include paths as well?



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As far as the include paths are concerned, yes, you can make them be specific to each project. When you add an include path via Edit>>Project>>Include Paths, make sure that you add your paths to the top list, not the bottom (you can press the Switch Lists button to activate either list).


The Find in Files directories, on the other hand, are persisted globally for all projects. (After you exit CVI, you can see the saved paths in the registry, in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\National Instruments\CVI\[version]\SourceFindReplace\FilePath[*]).


You might not be aware, however, that you can cycle through all your recently used paths, by using the down-arrow key in the Directory control of the Find dialog. This allows you to switch easily from path to path without having to browse to, or type, the other path.



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