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faulting module cvirte.dll

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The new dll you provided has resolved my issue.  I have not had any hangs since using the new dll you provided.  Will you have an official build for this dll in the future?  I'm assuming that what you provided is a beta product.  Do you know what the timeline you have for this to be an official production release?

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Hey Darrell -


Glad to hear the fix worked for you.  The fix will officially be in the next major release of CVI, which should be in just a couple months.  Is this a suitable timeline for you?


Thanks -



National Instruments

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I think that timeline is okay for us.  Has there been any level of initial testing done by National Instruments on this new dll?  We have two applications which will require the use of this new runtime dll.  The 2nd one will be after your couple month timeline so that should be fine since your product will have an official release.  Is there any statement you can give me about the level of testing done by National Instruments that has been done on the runtime dll you provided me?  It's less critical for us to have the official release of your product for our 1st application but I want to at least make note of the any testing done by National Instruments on this interim build.  Thanks for all your help.

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Hey Darrell -


The dll you received was not official in any way - it was not built on an official build machine, and no official testing was performed.  It was simply meant to verify that our idea of the bug was correct, and that our proposed solution would indeed work. 


I've sent you a private message concerning the timeline of getting you an official fix. 



National Instruments

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Okay.  Thanks for the update.

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this link no longer works.

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Is there a specific reason you are looking for that download?

The link should be pointing to a unoffocial, non-tested release of the CVI9.0 runtime engine with modifications that, according to nickb posts, should have been included in a upcoming, official RTE release. Even if you are still working in CVI9.0, you should consider upgrading the RTE to a more recent release. If on the contrary you are working in a more recent IDE you should have this fix already included in the RTE.

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