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faulting module cvirte.dll

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I have a desktop app which makes call to a dll developed in LabWindows/CVI.  I have version 9.0 cvi runtime engine installed.  The CVI dll is actually developed by another company I am working on this project with.  The crashing is not consistent but it most often ends up with an error "faulting module cvirte.dll"  The problem is that it will run fine sometimes for a couple of hours making the same function calls then error.


The exception in this case is


Exception Code: 0xC0000005
Exception Information: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.


What I do not understand is why it will make the same calls for a long period of time then all of sudden crash. Since it is so inconstent it's hard to explain this to the CVI developer since with his CVI only app it works.


Since I have version 9 of the CVI engine installed are there any issues if the actually dll is developed in a prior CVI version?  I'm waiting for a response from the developer on this issue.


Any ideas on tracking down this issue would be helpful?




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Hi Darrell,


The CVI Runtime Engine is backwards compatible so version 9.0 should work with DLL's built in an older version. However, it might still be helpful to know the exact version AND build of the runtime engine that you are using.


Also, there should be some useful information in the Windows Event Viewer that will help us determine what is going on. Right-click on My Computer, and select Manage. In the Computer Management window, expand Computer Management»System Tools»Event Viewer. If you are on Windows XP, select Application. If you are on Window Vista/7, select Windows Logs»Application. There should be an error listed here that corresponds to your application. If you cause the app to crash immediately before looking at the log, then your app should be the most recent error.


You already sent us the faulting module name and the offset, but any additional information, more specifically, exactly what your application is doing when it crashes would be helpful. If you could send all the details from that log, that will help us in resolving this issue. 

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Applications Engineer
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I've added a zip file with two attachments which were files created from the crash.  I've been attempting to duplicate this issue but have found it very inconsistent.  I do not have access to the code of the cvi assembly so I'm not sure what function calls the module would be making especially since this crash is diffult to reproduce.


Thanks for your assistance.

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Hey Darrell -


I took a look at the crash dump you posted, but was not able to make a lot of it because the dump you attached was a minidump (this is the default type of dump that's created).  If you could follow the steps here to create a full WER dump, I'd appreciate it.  The full dump may be too big to post to the forum - if that's the case, just upload it to and I'll take a look.



National Instruments

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I'm going to try to have my IT department install the debugging tools and get you an extensive debugging log

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I have our netbook with xp on it that this program will run on.  I setup Dr. Watson but it did not generate the dumps.  There are a couple of microsoft support articles that reference this issue and there appears to be a hotfix so I am going to try to get that worked out.

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I uploaded to the ftp site.  The file name is

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Accepted by daustinJaeb

Hey Darrell -


Thanks for all your efforts.  Based on your latest crash dump, we've implemented what we hope will be a fix.  However, we would like you to test the fix for us if that would be possible.  You can find an updated version of cvirte.dll at


Please rename your current version of cvirte.dll int c:\windows\system32 (or syswow64) and put this new version in it's place.  Once you are confident the fix did or did not work, or you are unable to perform this test, could you please let us know?


Thanks -



National Instruments

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Fantastic!  I will test it tonight and tomorrow and let you know my results.  Thanks again.

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I ran a test last night and your fix appears to have worked.  Previously, my program would hang after x amount of time (sometimes a short time, sometimes 4 hours).  Last night I allowed my program to run for 12 hours straight without hanging.  I will be testing more over the next few days and will let you know if there are any issues.

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