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error reading 'strcmp(a,b)'

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I am attempting to rebuild a program that ran on a Windows 7 machine a few years ago.  I am currently using CVI 2019 on a Windows 10 machine.  Whenever I attempt to build the program (or even just compile a file in the project), I receive the following error message: "1,1 error: error reading 'strcmp(a,b)'.  To demonstrate the problem, I have created a very simple program that displays the same behavior.  I have rebuilt a couple of other programs on my computer today without issue and it isn't obvious to me what is different about the two that generate the error.   

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You seem to have a Compiler Define statement that is causing that error. 

Remove the statement from Options->Build Options in the Compiler Defines field, and you should be able to build and run just fine.




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Thanks for the tip.  I looked at the Build Options setting, but apparently did so too hastily.  The old project I was trying to build had this compiler define and it was then copied over when I created the new project.  Once I removed it, the new project was successfully built.

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