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entry point _UP_systemAnsi not found

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I have written a small exe program in CVI that controls a PSU. It has a few buttons and numeric displays. It runs fine on my development system and on one target system.

But on a second target PC it fails to open with the message "The procedure entry point _UP_systemAnsi could not be located in the dynamic link library.


I have no idea what this means or how to fix it.

Both target systems are similar win10 PC's.


Any advice gratefully received. 



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Did you create an installer and install it on the target or did you just copy the exe ? Also you do call InitCviRTE() at the begining of your prog, right ?

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No installer, it is a simple stand alone program that sends strings to the PSU via the serial port. So just copy the exe to both target systems. They both have the same NI programs loaded including the CVIRT.

And yes:

  nullChk (InitCVIRTE (0, argv, 0));

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Accepted by topic author David_Stevenson

_UP_.... functions are wrapper functions around library functions and exist for User Protection in debug builds. These wrapper functions do extended parameter checking. But they only exist in the debug build libraries for NI libraries. When you build an executable to run on systems without LabWindows/CVI installed you should create a Release build instead of a Debug build. Because the normal Runtime libraries do not contain User Protection wrappers.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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That explains what I have done wrong, it was indeed a debug version.

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