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driving sound, sound card access

As all of you know, LW does not provide a "direct" method for driving
sound. Perhaps, we will
see that change in a future release (?). LabView provides tools for I/O
via a standard sound card,
LW should also. Frankly, it's surprising that is does not. Of course, you
can wrestle with the MS SDK and,
after looking like you've participated in a scene from "Braveheart", you
might be talking to the sound
My application called for "hearing" chunks of acquired digital acoustic
data. I looked through the
newsgroups/listserv and found what I had expected to find: one needs to
access the MS multimedia dll. I was simply wondering if someone had done
this a bit more "cleanly".

It did not seem to be the
case. I found the answer somewhere else:
Digital Audio Sound System. It's free, it works, its quick. It allows streaming
of sound files AND
in-line generated/acquired data. It's well documented. It works with the
LW compiler. It supports
DirectSound. I was streaming audio in no time. It simply takes care of all
the API headaches.
So, until NI places sound card support in LW, MIDAS is your obvious choice.
Respect the licensing
agreement and stream away!


Marco Mazzi
Sys. Eng
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