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cRIO/NI 9205 DAQ in LabWindows

I'm trying to make a simple DAQ in LabWindows. I have a cRIO-9040 with a NI 9205 ADC, and as a test I'm running a signal generator into a 9205 module channel to try and see an input. All the hardware works, has the necessary software/drivers installed (such as NI-DAQmx 20.7 and every other driver available) etc. as the input from the signal generator can be seen in the test panels in NI MAX and also in an example VI in LabView 2019 itself (running in Real-Time NI-DAQmx mode).


I'm familiar with LabView but for the sake of this work I need to use LabWindows (running the 2019 version) and I'm a little lost as I have no experience in C whatsoever. I've started with the pre-made ContAcq-IntClk example as it should be compatible with the 9205 module. When running the example, the device input channels can't be found in the generated user interface, nor can the module/channels be found when using the 'Create/Edit DAQmx Tasks' tool. I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious due to my lack of experience, but any help in getting setup would be greatly appreciated.

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