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cDAQ by CVI LabWindows

Dear All


I´m trying to find information about  cDAQ chassis controlled by CVI labwindows commands. We have a 4 channes AI (analog input) module connected to a cDAQ chasis USB to PC. Where can I find information about the commands to access simple reading voltage in some channel, or examples.

I found DAQmx, i have installed, but ...library\DAQmx option still remains dimmed on my CVI labwindows.

Pd: We don´t want to use labview.






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To be able to use DAQmx function in CVI you need to install if after installing the IDE.

If DAQmx was already on the system when you installed CVI you don't have the necessary libraries and examples available: you need to run DAQmx setup again and install the support for CVI. 

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