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build distributions hangs

I have cvi 8.5, 2009 and 2010 and they all do this on my laptop:

Create a new build distribution.

Select the files tab

When I click on MyComputer to browse to the files it does expand to show all the drives but before I get to select one it has completely locked up.


Any ideas?

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Could be it's trying to expand / show network drives that aren't there.  Whenever I see a file browse hang up, it's usually because the app is trying to elaborate network drives that either aren't there or slow to resond. 

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Could you get a couple logs of your environment?


First, we can log the Edit Installers dialog. Instructions can be found here:


Second, we can log the CVI Environment. Run C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\CVI2010\bin\ConfigureCVILogging.exe and set it to log Environment with all logg message types. Have it send the log info to a file.

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Attached are the 2 log files you requested. The build actually builds ok and I don't see any errors in that one.


For the environment logging one I wasn't sure what you wanted me to do so I did the following:

- Ran cvi 2010 and opened my project

- Selected distributions-> edit my build

- selected the file tab

- expanded my computer and it hung

- this is where the log file just died also.


I have a sneaking suspicion that the previous poster is correct about mapped network drives. I do have 3 network drives mapped. 2 are at work and 1 is at home. I just ran this test at home and my network drive has died (waiting for a new fan for it). At home this always hangs. I did get it to work once or twice at work but for the majority of the times it does hang also at work. Not sure if has anything to do with it. When it hangs I have waited up to 10 mins see to if it would timeout but it doesn't.

















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I did not see anything interesting in the logs. Although it is peculiar that the cvi log just cut off like that. That makes me think that it was a crash.


I was able to reproduce a hang using a network drive. I placed a project file in the network folder and built the application, I then opened the Edit Installer dialog and CVI hung on the files tab. After about 2 minutes, it timed out and resumed the dialog.


Are any of your files on a network drive?

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All the files in my project are on my local C: drive.

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There may be a scenario where the same hang occurs with a local file (maybe if the file is not found?). If you wait about 5 minutes, does CVI recover from the hang and display an error message?

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D Biel,


Thanks for your help and suggestions. The last few days I have tried to edit the build on my laptop at work the My Computer does expand out (eventually) and I can add files to the build.

At home (same laptop) it definitely hangs and  never recovers or times out.


Not sure what else we can do here. If it works at work then that's all I need. My suspicion is it has something to do with the mapped network drives.



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